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Raw Vibes Pet Food LLC come from the idea that raw feeding is a carnivore way of life. It is engrained in our carnivore companions to eat, process and utilize raw meat, organs and bone to live a long, happy, heathy and thriving life. 

Raw Vibes Pet Food LLC provides freeze dried raw meat, organs and bone treats, foods, variety boxes and other goodies for carnivore companions including cats, dogs and exotics such as ferret and reptiles. Our products lasts for decades and is not only easy to feed but simple to store. You'll be vibing with us too, once you see how awesome and unique our products are!

Since 2010 I have loved designing, preparing and educating other animal lovers about raw feeding but I realized not everyones loves doing what I do. Hard working families sometimes just don't have the time, space, confidence or simply don't have the desire to do all the math, find ingredient sources, plan the variety and rotation, or deal with the clean up involved in preparing your own raw food. That all doesn't mean they don't want to provide the best for their cat, dog or ferret. This is when I said "there has to be a better way."

Raw Vibes Pet Food LLC was born to provide an easy way to feed a species appropriate raw without all the hassle in feeding traditional fresh raw diets. We are unique in that we are the only company founded and owned by a carnivore nutritionist with evidence-based information backed by scientific studies and over a decade of hands on experience in the field. 

All of our ingredients are sourced, prepared and packaged in America. We never use 3D/4D meats and try to support as many small farms and homesteaders as we can!


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