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  • Where are you located?
    Raw Vibes have relocated from North West, North Carolina to South East, Pennsylvania. We do ship world wide!
  • What is freeze dried food?
    Freeze drying is a process were food is frozen and the water molecules are vacuum sucked out. This leaves 98% of nutrients intact as well as a completely dry product that simply just needs water added to rehydrate.
  • What is the benefit of raw feeding?
    Species Appropriate diet Pearly white teeth and scentless breath Healthier immune system Helps prevent and even reverse illness such as kidney failure, urinary tract infections, allergies, cancer, obesity, diabetes, digestive problems and much more. Reduction of veterinary bills especially down the road Smaller, less frequent and less stinky feces More water content Less begging, counter surfing and stealing of food More environmentally friendly Less expensive (in most cases) Softer and shiny coat Quality, nutrient dense ingredients your companion actually can use. you don’t have to feed as much Little to no toxins, contaminants and artificial ingredients More energy
  • What is the benefit of freeze dried over fresh?
    Freeze dried food can easily be rehydrated with water, bone broth and other liquids but in its storage state is completely dry. There is no need to defrost Sealed it can stay good for up to 25 years It is light weight which also means its less expensive to ship It does not require a fridge or freezer to store It can be packaged and stored in smaller, lighter packages It can easily be feed while on vacation, camping, in hotels, at confirmation shows It is perfect for emergency food.
  • Where do you source your ingredients from?
    We use various human grade restaurant suppliers, local farmers, homesteaders and small businesses.
  • What is 3D/4D Meat?
    3D/4D meats are not fit for human consumption. They include meat that is downed, dead, diseased or dying animals. We may use SOME downed animals but only if we 100% know why they were downed. For example we may source beef from a cow that broke a leg and the farmer could no longer use them but we will never source meat that is downed for other reasons like illness or disease. Please keep in mind some products have never been considered human grade such as bone or tripe because humans often don’t eat these but it does not mean they aren’t of highest quality.
  • What Model do you follow?
    We follow a strict prey model raw or PMR style of feeding. Our meals follow 80% meat, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organ, 10% bone ratio which are ratios often found in nature in small prey our carnivores would eat. We do not use artificial vitamins, minerals, grains, fruits or veggies. We believe (backed by science of course) that follow the ratios found in nature and rotating proteins maintains proper balance and variety.
  • Why are fruits and veggies not included in your products?
    Carnivores cannot properly digestive or utilize plant material. This is often why fecal matter is bulky, smelly and companion animals tend to remain hungry. We do provide whole prey options. These herbivores can utilize and properly digest plant matter and is rich in special enzymes herbivores use to digest their food. We whole grind our whole prey so this is included.
  • Don’t my companions need a source of fiber?
    Carnivores naturally source their fiber through fur and feathers. If you are not ok feeding whole prey including our ground whole prey, we do offer a fur and feathers fiber product that can be added to their diet.
  • Why do you not follow AAFCO guidelines?
    We do not follow AAFCO guidelines because its not meant for raw food (which is actually stated on their website). Despite popular belief, the AAFCO does not regulate pet food, test pet food, certify pet food and has no enforcement authority. Their standards are meant for industrial waste. In addition the standards are for a one size fit all style versus treating our companions as the individuals they are. For more detail information please reference the following article
  • How do I store Raw Vibes?
    Closed and sealed bags can be stored on a shelf, no fridge or freezer required. Open bags should ideally be used within 2 weeks however your home environment may alter conditions. Once food or treats is exposed to any moisture or air, its life expectancy is reduced. You can store in the fridge or freezer once open to further preserve the product.
  • What is the shelve life of your products?
    Our products in a sealed and unopened state, can last approximately 25 years. After our products have been opened, it would be best to feed within 2 weeks.
  • Can dogs eat your food?
  • Can cats eat your food?
    Yes! All our premade foods are tailored to cats (containing taurine rich ingredients) meaning cats, dogs and ferrets can all eat our products.
  • Can ferrets eat your food?
    Yes! All our premade foods are tailored to cats (containing taurine rich ingredients) and just like cats, ferrets are obligate carnivores meaning cats, dogs and ferrets can all eat our products.
  • Can kittens, puppies and kits eat your food?"
    Absolutely! The only thing that changes is how much you feed!
  • Can sick animals eat your food?
    Yes! Raw diets have been shown to help reduce further progression or even reverse illness/disease and in some cases, reduce to eliminate the need for medications.
  • Can pregnant or breeding animals eat your food?
    Absolutely! It is their natural diet that is best for sustaining pregnancy and the growth of little babies. It promotes milk quality production and even helps babies reach developmental milestones earlier.
  • What is the difference between Dust, Crush, Chunks and Whole"
    Dust is a fine ground, powder like product Crush is a course ground product that is easy to crumble Chunks are chunked bite sized pieces Whole is a product that has not been cut or chopped in anyway
  • Why is the Fish Stock and Bone Broth Packaging so Small but is so Expensive
    Too make our bone broth and stocks it takes at least 2 days to cook, then atleast 2 days to freeze dry. It is one product that has quite a lot of moisture removed this means all we are left with is the nutrient goodness (one of the many benefits of freeze dried products). So while each bag looks really small, each bag makes 16 oz of liquid bone broth.
  • How do you feed your food?
    Our treats can be fed as is, in moderation. Our Bonus Vibes and premade food should be rehydrated with water, juju juice, bone broth or other liquid. DO NOT FEED PREMADE FOOD AS A MEAL WITHOUT REHYDRATING
  • How do you feed your treats?
    You can feed them as is, in moderation.
  • Do I have to rehydrate your food and treats?
    All premade meals should be rehydrated with water, juju juice, bone broth or other liquid. However, treats can be fed as is, in moderation.
  • Are freeze dried bones safe to feed?
    Yes, absolutely! Freeze dried bone does not splinter or have the same risk as cooked bones, however always supervise your companions regardless.
  • Will I get sick from feeding Raw Vibes?
    With proper preparation, handling and basic cleaning practices such as washing hands, cleaning food bowls etc. there is little concern for illness and disease from raw feeding
  • Will my cat, dog or ferret get sick from Raw Vibes?"
    Cats, dogs and ferrets are designed to eat a diet of meat, organs and bones anatomically and physiologically. Typically it is human error in sourcing, preparation, storage, feeding and cleaning practices that are the culprit for illness when raw feeding. Raw Vibes can ensure we use the best ingredients and use the most careful protocols to source, prepare and package our treats and food. While freeze drying does not destroy bacteria, it does remove water and freezes the product significantly, reducing the chances of any kind of bacteria that typical thrive in warm moisture environments.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    Yes we do! Please contact us for more details!
  • Do you offer military discounts?
    We offer discounts for military with sevice verification via
  • Do you offer breeder discounts?
    Yes. Please contact us for more details!
  • Do you offer other discounts?
    At this time we offer military, bulk and breeder discounts.
  • Do you ship?
    Yes we ship nationwide and hope to soon ship internationally.
  • How does shipping work?
    We try to ship weekly via USPS. We do not make money on shipping so we try to use the most cost effective options for our customers. We are not open Saturday and Sunday and holidays may impact when products or shippings.
  • How much is shipping?
    Our goal is to provide you with the most cost effective shipping options and prices. Shipping priced is based on real time UPS and USPS shipping costs and the weight of your package. We recommend UPS for larger packages and USPS for smaller packages.
  • How can I see how much shipping will be?
    If you add products to your cart and proceed with check out you will get a shipping cost. You will get a price BEFORE you have to enter any payment information.
  • What is your return and refund policy?
    If you are dissatisfied with how your product arrived please reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving your items detailing the issue. Please include a picture of the problem. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or provide a refund if: Your companion does not like the product(s)* Your companion is allergic to the product(s)* Your companion becomes ill Once products are out of our hands unless you have purchased insurance with your order we cannot refund your products if they were damaged during the shipping process. Any refunds will be processed as a credit back to your account. *Unless the product is sealed and unopened
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