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Introducing Another lovely classic! Raw Vibes brings you the timeless delight of Chicken Hearts, an extraordinary treat for your carnivore companion.


These little wonders are packed to the brim with taurine, making them an exceptional addition to your pet's diet. But that's not all – they're also a rich source of vital nutrients, including folate, iron, zinc, and selenium. With an abundance of vitamins B2, B6, and B12, these hearts provide a wholesome boost of nutrition for your beloved pet.


What's more, chicken hearts are known to have cardioprotective effects, promoting a healthy heart and overall well-being.Raw Vibes Pet Food LLC proudly offers you this classic treat that's not just a flavorful favorite but also a nutritious treasure. Give your pet the best of both worlds – irresistible taste and incredible health benefits, all in one delightful bite. Serve up a feast of love with Raw Vibes Chicken Hearts!

Chicken Hearts are counted as meat. This product does not contain organs or bone.


Net Weight:

2.8 oz (80 g)

Chicken Heart

Beginning of January
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