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Goat Skin Chews – the perfect natural chewy delight for both dogs and cats. These treats are not only irresistibly tasty but also provide hours of entertainment, keeping your furry friends happily occupied.

What sets our Gost Skin Chews apart is their minimal processing, which includes goat fur for an authentic experience. Say goodbye to traditional rawhide filled with additives – our chews are freeze-dried, containing no glues, dyes, bleach, flavors, or any other unnatural ingredients.

Treat your pets to a wholesome and satisfying chewing experience with our all-natural Gost Skin Chews.

Goat Skin is counted as meat/treat. This product does not contain organs or bone. 

*The Goat skin is from a local family butcher. It has been rinsed but may possess a farm like odor or some debris still

Each bag contains about 3 smaller chews or 1-2 large chew

Net Weight: 

4-4.7 oz (114-134 g)


Goat Skin Chews

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