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Introducing Juju Juice, a wholesome blend of liquid, blood, and essential nutrients that naturally emerges during the defrosting process of crafting our delectable foods, treats, and goodies. This remarkable elixir is not only a testament to our commitment to minimizing waste but also a valuable addition to your pet's nutrition.

Juju Juice serves as a remarkable supplement, providing an extra boost of nutrients that can be especially beneficial for sick or recovering animals. With its rich composition, it can be used as a delectable topper for your pet's favorite meals, elevating their dining experience while ensuring they receive the nourishment they need.

Choose Juju Juice as a conscious and nutritious way to enhance your pet's diet, offering them the goodness that naturally arises from our culinary creations. It's a testament to our dedication to their well-being and your pet's delight.

Rehydarates to about 8 oz 

Net Weight:
0.8 oz (23 g)

Juju Juice

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