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Each of our Vibe Packs include a variety of products including meat, organs, bones and bonuses to keep your carnivores taste buds interested.

Each vibe pack contains five 1-2 oz bags

Vibe Packs may include:

Beef: meat, gullet, trachea, heart, lips, nose, lungs, testicles, pizzle (penis), tendon, tripe, beef bone broth, liver, kidney, spleen, tongue


Chicken: meat, necks, hearts, gizzards, feet, heads, eggs, liver, bone broth

Pork: testicles, liver, kidney, spleen, trachea, bone broth 


Lamb: kidey, liver, lung, spleen, testicles, trachea, meat


Goat: milk, spleen, testicles, trachea, meat

Seafood: Ahi tuna, shrimp, fish stock, flounder, salmon, squid, clam  mussel, green lipped mussel


Whole prey: chicks, hamster, guinea pig, quail, mice, rat, gerbils, rabbit

Poultry (from chicken, quail, turkey, duck): chicks, quail, bone broth, feet, neck, head, gizzard, heart, liver, meat, eggs, cornish game hen


Surprise me! A variety of any of the above available in poultry free!

*Pictures are simply examples of what you could get in a Vibe Pack


Vibe Packs

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Vibes Pack
Save 5%
$23.75every month until canceled
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