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Raw Vibes is a freeze dried product using a product that removes virtually all moisture/water content from the food. This means that our products can last for years even decades on the shelf. To bring you the best and most accurate information on our products we have run many field tests on our products so you can properly store and feed Raw Vibes.

Treats can be fed as is in moderation taking into account the components of your companions regular diet.

Just like fresh raw you want to feed a percent of our companion's ideal weight. Our packaging sizes reflect how much food can be made once rehydrated. 

Food ALWAYS should be rehydrated with water, JuJu Juice, bone broth or other liquid.


While you are more than welcome to store your food and treats in the freezer or refrigerator for maximum preservation, it is not necessary with Raw Vibes. All of our treats are packaged with an air absorber and heat sealed while our food is vacuum sealed. 

Our unopened treats and food can safely be stored safely away from classy claws and prying paws simply on a shelf or in the cabinet. 

Storing in the fridge or freezer ultimately will preserve your Raw Vibes products once they are open.

*Individual home conditions may alter these recommendations including products that should be used sooner. Buyers are responsible for the conditions their products are stored in


Since the beginning we have been challenging our products to see how long they last in various conditions. You'll find the ongoing results below.

Freezer Challenge - 11 months Since February 2021 (heat sealed with and without air absorbers)
Refrigerator Challenge- 3 month Since October 2021 (open and closed with and without air absorbers)
Room Temperature Challenge- 3 month Since October 2021 (open and closed with and without air absorbers)

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