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Raw Vibes is founded and owned by Meghan Leah Waals. She has been raw feeding, writing scientific articles and has several published books on raw feeding cats, dogs and ferrets including the first of its a kind....a raw recipe book.

She lives in beautiful Lancaster County with her 10 cats. She is a retired Bengal Breed Preservationist who strictly raised her cats and kittens on raw as well as an Animal Wellness Coach educating animal lovers on species appropriate nutrition, behavior and wellness, doing so for over a decade since 2010. 

Meghan holds a degree in Psychobiology, Pre-Veterinary with a minor in Evolutionary Studies. She has taken extra courses in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Microbiology and holds certifications in Pet Psychology, Pet Nutrition and is a Raw Food Nutrition Specialist. Raw feeding has been one of many passions Meghan has taken to the next level, not only innovating the raw feeding experience and collaborating on what other raw food companies provide, but truly has integrated appropriate raw feeding into her companion's lives successfully. 


Raw Vibes is a freeze dried raw treat and food company also offering continued education in the process of raw feeding. Freeze dried ingredients offers a 98% nutrient retention rate in a dry product that only needs to be rehydrated when ready to feed (treats can be fed as is). A closed package can stay fresh for up to 25 years and requires no freezers to store meals as well as treats. It is the perfect solution for any raw feeder, whether you are a pet owner, rescue, shelter or breeder. These products are perfect for owners that need to board their companion, away on vacation including camping or hotel stays, easy feeding for a pet sitter, competing in dog shows, last minute meals, training and more! 


Raw Vibes is operated out of South East Pennsylvania but provides shipping nationwide. We source as much from small businesses, farms and homesteaders as best we can and never use 3D/4D ingredients, only human grade.


We want to offer the highest quality possible thus products are never cooked (with the exception of our stocks and bone broth) or denatured with chemicals, dyes, charcoal or other denaturants. Our products also do not contain any colors, flavors, preservatives, artificial vitamins and minerals, fruits, veggies, grains or other non species appropriate ingredients that do not have a place within our carnivore companion's food.


Raw Vibes is the only Prey Model freeze dried raw food company owned and operated by a Carnivore Nutritionist with over a decade of hands on experience and education that is thoughtfully backed by scientific research and studies.  

Our mission is to make raw feeding accessible, easy, truly species appropriate and mainstream for cats, dogs and exotic carnivore companions such as ferrets and reptiles.

Raw Vibes is one of the first to truly bring a whole new vibe to the freeze dried raw food customer experience through innovative products and services that is currently making a needed and positive impact on the raw feeding community.


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A species appropriate raw diet is wonderful for the overall health of our carnivore companions. Many quickly notice their companion’s shed less and have even softer and shinier coats than seen prior. Their companions have beautiful white teeth and scentless breath as well less frequent, smelly and bulky feces. Because their companion’s diet is all natural, owners have enjoyed feeding a more environmentally friendly food as well.

                                                                                              Behaviorally owners are seeing a                                                                                                  significant reduction in begging,                                                                                                    counter surfing and food stealing                                                                                                  due to their companion’s                                                                                                              consuming more nutrient dense                                                                                                      food with less toxins, contaminants                                                                                                and no artificial ingredients. Their                                                                                                  companions are fulfilling their                                                                                                        nutrient requirements in smaller                                                                                                      portions, making feeding their                                                                                                      companions less expensive.


Owners also are spending less money on veterinary bills. By feeding a species appropriate and healthy diet, owners are also seeing less illness and disease in their companions and for those that switched to a raw diet due to illness are seeing a reduction of medications or even reversal of disease.

Unfortunately fresh raw diets can have its draw backs. Raw meat, organs and bone aren't always easy to store as raw feeders require a freezer and refrigerator to safely preserve ingredients. This also means with defrosting, fresh raw can be very messy. However, freeze dried raw can sit right on the shelf in your pantry. Treats can be fed as is while our meals simply just need water added before serving. 


Freeze dried raw is a dry product before rehydration but it still retains 98% of its pre-freezing nutrients so it not only can it be stored on a shelf for DECADES, it is light weight, weighing in it at approximately 1/3 of its fresh weight. Finally it is a wonderful product for emergencies, pet sitters or boarding facilities, camping, hiking and other travel as well as confirmation shows and training.

Kibble user as well as vegans and vegetarians will find our products not only comfortable to feed but is perfect for transitioning from commercial pet foods like dry and canned food to a raw diet. 

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