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Introducing BAWK Bars, the perfect novelty treat for cat and dog shows, training sessions, hiking adventures, or as a convenient freeze-dried snack for your furry companions. These bars are designed for easy portioning, making them a versatile and mess-free option. Just like a candy bar, break off a few sectioned chunks for a quick and delicious treat your pets will love. BAWK Bars redefine snack time, offering a novel and convenient way to delight your four-legged friends.


Each package comes with either 2- 2.8 oz (hydrated bars) or 2- 4 oz (hydrated bars) 

0.12 oz 



  • To preserve storage in a cabinet away from moisture and air.

    To further extend the life of the product you can store in a fridge or freezer. 

    Life of the product will depend on your home conditions. 

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