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Ground eggshell is a wonderful source of calcium carbonate (a natural calcium source) important for the raw diet. Those with health concerns such as chronic kidney disease require a calcium source but one that reduces phosphorus (which is found in high amounts in raw meaty bones). Ground Eggshell is here to save the day!!

Simply add 1/2 tsp per lb of meat and organ to your raw food batches to balance.

Our Natural Calcium Ground Eggshell Supplement comes in several sizes:

Small- contains 5 tsps of ground eggshell to make a 10 lb batch of food
Medium- contains 25 tsps of ground eggshell to make a 50 lb batch of food

Large- 1 lbs of ground eggshell 

Ground Eggshell REPLACES bone. This product does not cantain meat or organs and shold only be used for animals requiring a different calcium source then bone. Healthy animals should not rely on eggshell for their calcium source.


Net Weight: 
Small 1.1 oz (32 oz)

Medium 4.2 oz (112 g)

Large 14 oz (397 g)

Natural Calcium Supplement

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