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Peaceful Pork is an all pork prey model raw complete freeze dried meal for your carnivore companion. Our freeze dried recipes are perfect for all ages and can be fed regularly, saved for emergencies, given as treats or used for camping. 

This recipe includes  Pork Meat (which may include Lung, Esophagus, Windpipe, Trachea),  Pork Organs may include Pork Liver, Pork Kidney, Pork Spleen, Pork Testicles and your choice of bone or alternative. Eggshell for those that cannot eat bone.

All Premades MUST be rehydrated before if feeding as a meal! 

Pricing is based on the REHYDRATED price per lb. For example a 0.33 lbs package will make 1 lb of fresh raw. You will get 0.33 lbs freeze dried but the price reflects the price for one lb of the recipe once water is added.


If you have a cat, we will add Pork Heart to ensure they have the right amount of taurine in their diet.

Eggshell options should not be fed to healthy carnivore companions. 

Peaceful Pork

Price Options
One-time purchase
Premade Subscription
Subscribe and save 5%
$13.30every month until canceled
  • Most companions are fed 3% of their ideal body weight but this may vary based on life stage, health status, activity level etc. 

    Rehydrate with warm water or bone broth for 10 minutes before serving.

    Pet's Weight  Freeze Dried Amount Add Liquid
    10 lbs 1.6 oz  3.2 oz or 0.4 cups
    20 lbs 3.2 oz 6.4 oz or 0.8 cups
    50 lbs 7.9 oz 16 oz or 2 cups
    100 lbs 1 lb 32 oz or 4 cups

    *3% of ideal body weight pictures above

    What if my pets weight isn't here?
    Body Weight x Percent Ideal Body Weight = Amount of FRESH food to feed PER day (split into the amount of meals you feed your companion) 

    Amount per day x 0.3 (or 33%)= Amount of FREEZE DRIED food to feed PER day

    Percent Ideal Weight 
    1.5-2%  Low Energy Companions
    3% Average Energy Companions
    4%+ High Energy Companins

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